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Each month CTRI offers one complimentary webinar

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Successful Change Management - Good Luck or Good Planning

35 mins

This webinar focuses on the fundamentals of change through the lenses of both those initiating change and those reacting to it. This includes understanding the principles of driving and resisting forces of change, the early adopters, and the importance of change, through group participation and activities.

Understanding the Nipissing Screening Tool and Next Step

16 mins

This webinar will help participants understand what the Nipissing screening tool is and what it can tell us about a child’s development. Participants will learn about generating appropriate questions to parents to determine when a referral for formal assessment may be warranted. Participants will also learn through a case history what steps to be taken next.

Reading Strategies and Print-Rich Environments

35 mins

This webinar will provide an overview of Reading Stages, print-rich environments and the importance of Read aloud in Early Learning Environments.

Fine Motor Development and Emergent Writing

30 mins

This webinar will provide an overview of the stages of drawing and writing, and the importance of materials and manipulatives in programs.

Dealing with Difficult People

1 hr : 13 min

This webinar will present tools and techniques that will allow you to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with skill and confidence. Learn how to change the way you see and respond to them. Get control, keep control and gain cooperation in a nice way. Discover strategies that will help you reduce stress when faced with difficult situations.

Facilitation Skills for Meaningful Conversations

1 hr : 08 sec

This webinar will help you understand the role of a facilitator as different from a trainer, review the competencies of a successful facilitator and help to develop new facilitation tools (tips of the trade) for use in a variety of situations.

Ethics and the Role of the ECE

1 hr : 15 min

This workshop will review the major ethical concepts in human services and discuss how these relate to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice from the College of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario. Many practical examples will be used to illustrate these concepts. Participants will also have the opportunity to reflect on the scope of practice of an ECE.

Supporting a Child’s Oral Language: Focusing on Talking and Listening Skills

49 mins : 49 sec

In this webinar you will learn about ... listening and speaking skills, early learning program criteria, multisensory skills and early learning, daily routines to support child communication, developmental milestones of language, screen time in a child’s life and best toys review.

Connecting Children to the Outdoors: The Importance of Natural Play (Part 1)

1 hr : 11 mins

In this workshop we will take a look at outdoor learning environments. The focus of the session will be on a return to nature when program planning, the use of natural materials and play spaces, curriculum brainstorming around bringing the learning outside. We will also be focusing on children’s storybooks that incorporate nature themes and natural play. Intended Audience: Childcare Staff, Supervisors of Childcare programs, Nursery School, Professionals in the Early Learning field, Recreation Programs, Kindergarten, private, and after school programs. This session will have ideas for all age groups (infants to school age settings).