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Mothers in Mind

The new Mothers in Mind™ website provides parenting information and resources for mothers who have experienced violence, information about the Mothers in Mind™ program, referral information for professionals, and a secure resource area for Mothers in Mind™ Affiliates.

Enhancing family supports and the inclusion of children with disabilities

Enhancing family supports and the inclusion of children with disabilities The Gerrard Resource Centre (GRC), School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University, has recently launched a new website focused on enhancing family supports and on the inclusion of children with disabilities. The website links to news, publications, upcoming events, and local resources that support parents/caregivers, early childhood and family supports professionals, policymakers, researchers, and students in their roles as facilitators and advocates for child and family well-being.

Toy Safety and Magnet and Battery Safety

Toy Safety and Magnet and Battery Safety Health Canada recently published Toy Safety and Magnet and Battery Safety. Please follow links

Books available in Ojibwe

All books are available in Ojibwe . All prices are exclusive of taxes and shipping. As well, all books are written in English, the Native Language and a simplified phonetic system to allow the reader the ability to pronounce the words closely to how they should actually sound. All books have been previewed and translated by various Elders

Za-geh-do-win Information Clearinghouse

Za-geh-do-win researches, collects, catalogues, and distributes culturally relevant resources. The resources in our library come from a variety of sources including other libraries, clearinghouses, communities, and organizations that provide information and services on health, healing and family violence.

Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from research about young children

The Early Years Division recently worked with various leading experts to develop six research briefs and several associated video clips for educators working in early years settings. These resources build on the existing resources that have been developed related to the Early Learning Framework. These resources can be found in the child care section of the Ministry of Education website at:

Prenatal Education Modules - Modules d'éducation prénatale

Do you deliver prenatal education sessions?

This is a reminder to all prenatal educators that the Best Start Resource Centre has developed a teaching aid to make your work easier. This free resource consist of a series of 11 independent modules to help you deliver a complete program to future parents. Each module includes three files in PDF format: the slides, the speaker notes and a module outline (objectives, teaching aids, references, etc.).

Healthy Baby, Healhy Brain

Healthy Baby, Healhy Brain

As a parent, you play an important role in the development of your baby’s brain. You are your baby’s most important connection to the world.
You interact daily with your baby. These interactions have a life-long effect on your baby’s ability to reach full potential.
This website will help you support your baby’s brain development. - See more at:

Pimotisiwin: A Good Path for Pregnant and Parenting Aboriginal Teens

Pimotisiwin is an Ojibwe word that means following a good way or a good path. This resource will help you support Aboriginal children and youth, to live a good life on a good path.

Open Hearts, Open Minds

Best Start Resource Centre is pleased to announce a new online resource for service providers: Open Hearts, Open Minds: Services that are Inclusive of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Families