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April, 2014 AP Industries recalls "Cozy" convertible cribs

April, 2014 ALERT: IKEA Canada re-announces and expands recall of children's wall-mounted lamps

April, 2014 Orkid Toys recalls Meebie Plush Toy

April, 2014 Kiss My Face, LLC recalls Foaming Soaps

April, 2014 Joshua Perets Group Inc. recalls children's upper outerwear with drawstrings from their “Joshua” junior collection

March, 2014 IKEA Canada recalls Children’s Bed Canopies

March, 2014 Mill & Ray recalls Kid's Raincoats with neck drawstrings

March, 2014 Groupe Sarah Inc. - Oxygen recalls hoodies and jackets for children

February, 2014 JCorp Inc., Division Frenchies recalls children's clothing with neck drawstring

February, 2014 Clément Ltée recalls Fairfield brand girls' sweaters with drawstrings in hood