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CanFASD has just released its first online course to the public, free of charge.

Foundations in FASD is a basic training course intended for everyone that will come into contact with individuals with FASD including all sectors of work, families, individuals with FASD, spouses, and the general public. This foundational level training program provides the perspective of individuals who have FASD, is evidence-based, employs a culturally sensitive approach, and is presented in a way that is responsive to the learner's needs.

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Level 1 training will provide knowledge and understanding of:

· an overview of FASD assessment and diagnosis in Canada

· an introduction to FASD interventions and promising approaches

· the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on the fetus

· the impact of alcohol on brain development

· issues related to stigma and FASD

· strategies for prevention and support

· barriers to prevention and support

· the signs and symptoms of FASD across the lifespan