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Traumatic Brain Injury and Violence Against Women.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Violence Against Women.
This article provides information to raise awareness among those who work with women who may be experiencing IPV.
The article can also be found at this link:

OPHA Launches Nutrition Connections, Formerly the Nutrition Resource Centre

OPHA Launches Nutrition Connections, Formerly the Nutrition Resource Centre

Nutrition Connections will serve as a hub for nutrition knowledge and collaboration and will support health professionals, community organizations, educators, researchers, and others working in food and nutrition to build capacity, connect, and share information. While our new centre will provide services in many areas of nutrition and healthy eating, food literacy will be a primary focus for our work.

Formual Preparation Video and Tip Sheets

Best Start by Health Nexus is pleased to announce the release of a Formula Preparation Video (adapted with permission from York Region Public Health) and a series of 6 Tip Sheets designed to assist families with the safe preparation of infant formula.

The video entitled “Safely Preparing Formula For Your Baby” can be viewed at

Cours en ligne gratuit sur l'allaitement et l'IAB / Free online course on breastfeeding and BFI.

English follows below...

Soutenir les mamans et les bébés
dans leur parcours d'allaitement

Travaillez-vous avez de futures ou de nouvelles familles?
Avez-vous des bébés allaités dans vos programmes?
Vous demandez-vous comment mieux les soutenir?
Connaissez-vous l'Initiative Amis des bébés (IAB)? Vous demandez-vous en quoi cela vous concerne?
Avez-vous dans votre programme des employés, des bénévoles ou des étudiants qui doivent en savoir plus sur l'allaitement et l'IAB?

I-LABS Training Modules

Learn more here:

Each module in the library takes an in-depth look at a unique topic in the science of child development. We suggest you begin by viewing the first three modules in the series, but you can view modules in any order, at any time.
Modules are available to access without registering.

Prenatal Education Key Messages for Ontario

Best Start's bilingual Prenatal Education Key Messages for Ontario website contains messages to give to future parents, supporting evidence, resources, links and references on 25 prenatal topics. To ensure that you use only the most recent version when handing out PDFs to your clients, or when discussing the key messages topics, make sure to visit the website regularly and to register to receive updates notifications!

Find the resource here:

Free Online Course: Indigenous Health Equity

Are your services as inclusive as they could be? Public Health Trainings for Equitable Systems Change (PHESC) has recorded 4 webinars as part of their Indigenous Health Equity stream:

2018-2019 Annual Reporting Tool - Due April 30th

2018-2019 CAPC/CPNP Annual Reporting Tool

Dear CAPC and/or CPNP coordinators,

With the end of the fiscal year comes the time to complete the CAPC/CPNP Annual Reporting Tool. This tool ensures the collection of relevant and essential information for project monitoring and will give Program Consultants a better understanding of how your activities are implemented and your project is reaching CAPC and/or CPNP target populations. An Annual Report should be completed for each program under the Contribution Agreement.

How to Talk about Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health - InfoGraphic

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) is often misunderstood. This infographic was designed to help early childhood professionals talk about IECMH and can be used as a tool when discussing the critical importance of social and emotional development with stakeholders. It provides the definition of IECMH and illustrates where social and emotional development can be promoted. This is a free resource and can be used as:

BestStart: Prenatal Education webinar recordings available

Prenatal Education Webinars

Two webinars were offered in January to support prenatal educators in Ontario. The recordings are now available at Additional recordings from previous webinars held this year are also available from that website.